Stoccaggio materiali, Marine Work Sistem
Material Storage

Materials storage is the first step for building ship structures. We handle both semi-finished products like sheet metals and profiles, and finished products like motors and various fittings depending on the type of ship being built.

Officina Navale, Marine Work Sistem

Department responsible for the working of sheet metal and profiles that will then be cut to size, shaped and bent as needed. These will be used for the construction of the hull, plating and internal and external structures.


Next come all the elements for installing the on-board systems: supports, joints, anti-vibration joints, pipes, valves, pumps. We carry out numerous operations like cutting, bending, welding, cleaning and sandblasting of metal components that constitute the on-board systems. The workshop is made up of specific departments for working with pipes and welding easily transportable pieces.


Process that works both in parallel and serially for the construction of semi-finished products that form the elements of the bottom and the plating. We work on the insulation and isolation walls until we achieve the almost complete construction of the different “blocks” that make up the ship’s hull.

Lavorazioni carpenteria metallica, sabbiatura

The metallic surface is sandblasted for cleaning and then primed, i.e., coated with a protective paint (primer) that preserves the metal against the oxidising action of damp air and other aggressive agents.


We use bridge cranes on the slipway. There are two large slips or a tank with opening towards the sea where the different blocks are anchored, then joined by welding to compose the ship. At this stage all internal and external finishing operations are carried out on the hull to ensure the boat’s ability to float, as well as hydraulic, electric and piping tests.

Pulizia navi da crociera, Marine Work Sistem

These are the final operations prior to launch, necessary so that the vessel can be completed and tested directly at sea. All components of the boat are worked on.

Allestimento sistemi navi da crociera, Marine Work Sistem

During this last phase important machinery is installed like flooding and fire prevention systems, crew and passenger services (housing, kitchens, etc.), command and navigational equipment. During this stage all finishings are completed.


Lavorazione acciaio

We perform professional welding activities employing various techniques depending on the thickness of the metal and the type of alloy.